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Corporate Social Responsibility


Hello. Bonjour. Ciao.

Eklipse is a community of active people who are passionate about their work and the impact it has on others. Eklipse believes in not just refinement but in research for the better. Our work is at the cross point of science, art, culture, technology, and design and it allows us to consistently innovate our production manufacturing processes distribution, and repurposing of our products. The goal is to create a sustainable and ecologically friendly fashion business that will outlive generations all while giving back and protecting the air water and soil around us.

Venture Focus Areas

Equity & Inclusion



The Planet

The best way to Predict the Future is to Create it.

Projected Impact

Since 2012, we’ve been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality. We are committed to providing resources and support to those who may not see themselves represented in the traditional entrepreneurial space so that their world changing ideas can come to life.

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Underrepresented Entrepreneurs
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Our Community Is Founded Upon A Set Of Unwavering Core Values.

To Dream

Creating an impact in the world is an opportunity open to everyone. We welcome dreamers of all ages, from all backgrounds, in every corner of the world.

To Support

It takes a village to create change in the world. We believe in building and leveraging expertise and talent within communities to accelerate ideas.

To Protect

We believe in protecting founders and teams and creating safe spaces for real creativity, ideation, and growth to take place without the fear of being sharked, ridiculed, or judged.

To Impact

We value game-changing ideas that push the envelope and drive hard toward creating real impact in the lives of people and communities.

To Believe

We believe in dreaming big, pursuing ideas through an opportunistic lens, and putting energy into what is possible.